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Welcome to Paul Wesley Source, one of the longest running fansites for actor, director, and producer Paul Wesley. You might remember Paul from his roles in Everwood, Fallen or on The CW's hit The Vampire Diaries as brooding Stefan Salvatore. We are committed to bringing you the latest news, photo's and updates regarding Paul and his continuously growing career.

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The camaraderie in the crowd on Capitol Hill.For this reason with this how to build muscle fast guide, we’re going to work with

As the new subscriber in the gym, it is proposed to organize necessary exercise meetings to a minimum of 23 occasions per week.
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Then just sneak a peek at my Weekly eBay Roundup of Vintage Home Finds5 mm CaseDiameter: 44.Luxury brands and retailers feeling pinch from global economic meltdown

Luxury brands and retailers who had expanded into emerging markets such as China, India and Russia in the past few years were betting that the failing US economy would not dramatically hurt their sales and profitsso they said just a few months ago.There was even a story about the school on 20/20 saying that they were charging what at the time would be a year at Harvard.

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Such is the power of Louis VuittonBut before then, travelers often pleaded lack of cash especially when hit with a fine.The point here is that you must not waste your valuable, productive selling time on anyone who isn’t likely to buy.There are numerous electronic warehouses that have uncountable professional quality services and products for fingernails and particularly solution sets that can be purchased from beauty specialists and individuals too.

Liu Zhouyuan, chief editor of Sichuan People’s Publishing House, affiliated to Xinhua Winshare, is the Chinese publisher.”Then let John come in and be the hero.In 2011, she was chosen as Missoni’s face for their Spring/Summer campaign.

Palermo is a challenge especially on a Sunday in the rain.Try a suede wrap with a closefitted, creamcolored sweater, as seen on the runway at Michael Kors, or opt for a pencil skirt in a rich, shiny finish with a simple white blouse: As Kate Bosworth demonstrates, it’s a perfectly professional look, with just the tiniest bit of edge.
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VS could have a corporate policy of washing all returns and donating them to charityThe Mafia first drew a bead on these goodies 25 years ago.There are numerous things to look for like the color, serial code, placement of logos.Clouston and Mrs Betsy Kirby Green made the fastest flying time to Cape Town from London in 1937 and were sponsored by.Don’t allow poor hue choices to kill your image.If so, because this effect, while meaningful, is of course not readily measurable, playing up the potential impact of the blatantly engaged 0.Each image is a time capsule of the travel industry as well as the city.DEFRA refuses to prosecute because it says the fiming was done in secret and by trespass on private premises.

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But there is life beyond the curve.But I didn’t run.Shopping for handbags is definitely not an easy task anymore with the wide variety of brands, which have flooded the market.AND then proceed to be completely blown away by their impressive talent and strong interviewing skills.

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Twenty years later she got into the business of making women look good

Dealers BBoys: Late ’70s To Mid ’80s

Male Identity: Dealers sat atop the drugfueled economy and served as role models for men growing up in the inner city.QVC is an incredible company and I’m proud to be a part of their team.These images were influenced by Western elements and successfully used in advertising, giving recognition to the artists,” Zhou says.Created in 2003 to counter eBay’s entry into the Chinese market with a company it acquired called EachNet, Ma refused to charge anything for listings or transactions.It’s amazing what can happen in two months if you push yourself every day.

“I think that by investing in a place like Sydney we contribute to the reputation of the city.

These are 6 choices that definitely worth checking out.Newly made businessmen battle rushhour traffic in their Mercedes and Lexus cars.
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You see, I’m just thrilled that the front page story of the day is how “jilted” deputy Tory leader Peter MacKay’s feeling about his treacherous former girlfriendsaid Park Hyunae, a sister of the MT Gemini captain Park Hyunyeol, one of Coach Outlet Onlinethe four sailors held hostage.She explained, “Shawn said something that made me feel threatened.

NEVER be mean to your friends.

But ASA bosses found that Louis Vuitton were in breach of the truthfulness clause, saying it ‘considered that consumers would interpret the image of a woman using a needle and thread to stitch the handle of a bag in the ad to mean that Louis Vuitton bags were handstitched’.
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Her husband, Scott Peterson, was convicted of murder in the first degree for Laci, and in the second degree for their prenatal sonIt could be dedicated to all the rights of way that Alaska would like to turn into highways.You can end up having a men suit that hangs off you looking like you just lost 100 pounds when you really should have bought something three sizes smaller.Orb, Joel Rosario, Shug McGaughey, even 2.But with her “Chelsea Lately” contract with E.Tour de France champion Wiggins, finished the 11th stage in the main pack behind winner Ramunas Navardauskas to stay fourth overall, two minutes five seconds behind leader Vincenzo Nibali.

Christos Garkinos, longtime redcarpet watcher and owner of Decades vintage store in Los Angeles, said, “You could have turned the TV off right when Charlize Theron came on.
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Juno Temple gave it a hipster twist in a lime green kneelength dress, Kerry Washington styled it sweet and simple in a Sixties style and Jessica Alba brought the drama with a scarlet lip and some power heelsBeasley was the one who told reporters Sunday night of the offensive linemen’s anger about Barlow.

Heather McDonald, partner at law firm Baker Hostetler, said: “eBay has policies and procedures in place where they will intervene in an action between a buyer and seller if there’s a problem, and they profit directly on the basis of every item that is sold on their Web site.Another day’s wait could be the extra advantage the Swiss need to become only the third nation to retain the Auld Mug in its 156year history, joining New Zealand and the United States.
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Phoebe Philo wins Designer of the Year

Philo, 37, is arguably one of the most influential movers and shakers in modern readytowear, and her approach to design has had a huge impact on the way women dress as we enter the second decade of the 21st centuryBaidu controls more than 75 percent of China’s Internet market and got a boost when Google shut its mainlandbased search operation last year.There you will find at organizations members for nearly each item having a full presence.

However, some stars have a knack for channeling the ’20s in their red carpet looks.Because of these natural hormonal changesthat include estrogen, testosterone, and androgen levelsa man’s or woman’s appetite, metabolism, and fat storage are greatly affected.According to reports, Pinault is the father of supermodel Linda Evangelista’s fouryearold son, Augustin James.

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However this does not solve the blackmarket problem though, which I’m sure would thrive onewayoranotherThis process is combined with a few secrets from a company called Azotic Coating Technology, Inc.Winter is fast approaching.

Thirty minutes later, I hopped into his black Ford Explorer, and we drove to the Golden Mile, San Juan skyscraperstudded financial district, to see what his pals like himself, all lawyers did after work.
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Named for the address where blew in to care for Jane and , this brandnew, freshscented soap is flecked with gold glitter and is sliced from a brick that has a cherrytree design on the surfaceIt’s funny, ’cause when you’re an older sister, you try to be the leader and example, and I’ve recently had to accept that we’re equals.Edouard works for Veuve Cliquot Champagne, once owned by his family (now owned by ).

Bertrand lives nearby with his wife of 33 years, Rasa, whom he met at a jazz dance in St Kilda Road.Winters are not cold and summers are not hot considering inside summer the cool sea breeze creates a cooling effect and similarly inside winter the hot sea breeze refuses to let the temperature go actually low.
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Is a health and safety warning needed for motoristsDefaults and foreclosures of luxury properties has become fodder for the business pages.Luckily for us, Johansson won be quitting her day job any time soon.Every year brings us new fashion trends, but every decade brings back the trends of the previous years and makes them popular again.However, the smoke from fine cigar is rather charming and this Louis Vuitton Cigar Case., San Francisco’s own representative in radio’s daily loudmouth talkshow host pageant, is under fire for saying on air on July 16 that almost all cases of autism are a result of parental failures.It came down to a question of Ohm law and, believe it or not, my algebra kicked in: I was able to answer a question on Ohm law (one law I really did not know) and I passed the test with (you guessed it) a 70.
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We have everything from foie gras au torchon to dulce de lechestuffed French toastShe wears black Caprilength pants topped with a belowtheknee black skirt and a hiplength, goldorange, Aline, offtheshoulder minidress or long blouse (It’s hard to tell which it is.He was offered the English throne by opponents of King John but his invasion failed (1216).

Jessica looked elegant in her long red gown with empire waist and jeweled details.If you’re out there, come forward.He also gave $100 million to the University of Oregon’s athletic department in 2007.Think about those brands you recognize within seconds on some of the products worn by your friends: Coach, Gucci, Burberry, Chanel, Marc Jacobs, Dolce Gabanna, DSquared, etc.Blum, MD ; Tim Bolen / Jan Bolen; Dean Bonlie, DDS; Victor

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Pilar Macchione Spring Summer 2012 was an eight look collection of outfits exhibiting creative construction in the shoulders, cuffs and collarsI love them shucked on the spot.

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Gwen Stefani will not wear revealing costumes during her Aug.92 billion euros.
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Are you seriously suggesting than Louis Vuitton is endorsing them as pets for the jet setAhead, check out some of the most unnecessary sequels of all time.

That might sound shallow, but the cover really does matter to me.The more limited edition and special bags such as the eye love you series, cherry blossoms and miroir are not made here.It is scattered with blueflag beaches ranging from pretty to pretty awful, and caters largely to the packageholiday industry.
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She is a surfer chickThe woman nods their way with a subtle tilt of the head.Involving the two, the light emitting diode Tv in comparison with its arch rival is extremely light and simple to mount on the wall.Brunot was fined 25,000 as part of his sentence to make up for the rest.contacts directors Chernobyl Children’s Project International

All directors are uncompensated and provide substantive time and counsel to management of Chernobyl Children’s Project International.

“He also had a lot of dinner parties and he bought a lot of alcohol.

Vintage: Es un termino que se usa para describir la ropa usada, pero no vale cualquier cosa de segunda mano.
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It’s certainly nothing to scoff at, but it is an astounding 42 percent less impressive than the advertised jackpot

Presidentes, reyes y primeros ministros han llenado con regalos a Obama y su familia, incluyendo una bicicleta de bamb m licor y una peque espada.0 (Unported) (CCBYSA).

James Twitchell, University of Florida professor of English and advertising, writing in the Wilson Quarterly, says this populi is Twinkiefication of deluxe.And we need to thank China for the immigrants who helped produce Mayor Ed Lee,” Shultz toasted.

That proximity between old and new between the charged Baroque style and that of Japanese comic books, or mangas is making some people uncomfortable.I don’t know anything about old swords and am not sure of.Milano 2008, una caduta e buon viaggio d’inverno di Gucci Tom Ford mostrano chiaramente, che hanno la loro offerta arrostito la finestra collegata con rum nel mercato di riferimento, un esempio di privato alla moda, seducente normale perch sdraiarsi tutto il Gucci scarpe grafica.

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Seems like the wrong people are ashamedHe’s confident, but not excessively selfaware.A number of us reviewed merchandise cautions, and some tips absurd they are often for example possibly not making use of the hair dryer in your container, and / or that her can of squeezed weather seriously isn’t for cleaning ones listen.See them in this exclusive interview

Exclusive reaction on THOSE confrontations (Video)We’ve got reaction from Joey and Diags about that Ricky row AND we’ve got Charlie discussing Bobby following his Gem explosion

What Jasmin really thinks of Arg (Video)Jasmin answers your questions and tells us about Arg, Gemma, those dates with Charlie and her bro acting exactly like Joey Essex

Arg’s Darrell revenge (Video)Did you see Arg’s jel face when Darrell turned on the charm with Gemma.
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It just too bad it has ruined the line by using subpar movements, movements so bad no amount of history could redeem them86 miles in length and holding 37 measured corners.Happens all the time you know.

A new entry statement will be created facing Hooker Boulevard, where Coles sits now.The watch is water resist to 30 meters and enjoys a 2 year warranty.most pirated films of 2010 The Marquee Blog

Even among the movies that have been pirated, “Avatar” takes the top spot.
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Unlike the Prada show, I hasten to add, I have actually been accorded not only a ticket, but a front row seat at thatA captura sempre uma duplacaptura, o roubo, um duploroubo, e isto o que faz no algo de mtuo, mas um bloco assimtrico, uma evoluo aparalela, npcias sempre ‘fora’ e ‘entre’.The answer: He grabbed a rope and a part of the trampoline net.Only four songs (all in the rock genre) contained specific messages against substance abuse.le corps de la mode

ParisThe model is one of the vital cogs in the couture house and readytowear machines, reproduced ad infinitum from the earliest 19th century fashion illustrations through today magazines, advertising slots and videos.
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For PA and OH residents the discount will be applied to the purcase of the beer and if this is less than $10Perhaps they can be enticed to expand their operation to buy milk from the MatSu Valley farmers and then sell their milk to Anchorage.You can choose to subscribe to the feed to get email alerts or download the Excel file.

A media scrum two dozen strong jostled as the two along with lawyer David Tobin and Gomez’s business partner/former life partner James PackardGomez disembarked on Constitution Avenue NW, one cameraman getting knocked over in the push.Ten companies own more than 60% of the top 100 brands.There is a lot of buzz on the internet about peoples changing attitudes in regards to their willingness to put forth the effort to reuse waste material to “close the loop,” but does that translate into local sentiment.

Carol does home visits before she places any dog and home visits are done on a casebycase basis on cats.
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Start your day off with some proteinOne airport employee arrested last year made off with $455,000 in cash and gold.A new cute plaid purse for summer, running errands, etc.Her role in 1990 Henry June showcased her with sexuality streaming out of her pores; it didn help that she portrayed a bisexual in the film.I know she had her problems, but in St Lucia she was a much better person than people knew in the UK.Install burglar alarms, video cameras, deadbolt locks for your doors, security doors and security windows, and anything else that protects your home and makes it harder to break into.(AP Photo/Matt Slocum).5carat, walnutsize Hope Diamond, long rumored to carry a curse.Oh, and there’s a hot man on her heels.It is a real luxurious statement but subtle, not loud.

“I didn’t know what I was wearing until about three hours ago,” she told Seacrest.

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But Theodora Richards has never been one to do things the conventional wayThe intent of a humidor is to provide proper storage for cigars, cigarettes or tobacco.McQueen poinje saradnju sa Pumom i kreira specijalnu liniju trenerki i patika.

Dear Lindsay, I say this with LOVE: you are such a MESSY person.Level, a justopened, 96,000 square feet, Dubai store has 15,000 different designer styles for sale at any one time.But those feelings have changed.
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How much would you pay to get your hands of this psychedelic gourdHow to know if louis vuitton and coach are real

To add to the louis vuitton, all of them have a serial which is two letters followed by four numbers.

She poured everything she had into telling a story she believed in, and that’s what the public responded to.Algo sobre Moda adolescente, moda teen e moda feminina e assuntos relacionados sero tratados da mesma forma.What you really have to marvel at is that these clothes are beyond costly, thank god they are only sold in LV stores, and that some of them, not many, are quite wonderful and even some might be feats of amazing artistry.
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Your broker or agent may have forgotten to discuss certain provisions and terms in the contractThis show can have only one star, and we already know who it air max 2010 mens life is meet it and live it; Do not shun it and call it hard names.All of that is true, there’s no disputing those claims.Absolutely do not attempt to get there on your own using public transit.I was expecting them to look somehow unlike they do on the show, but they failed to meet my low expectations, instead managing to look even more glamorous.Wayne Lukas, 301 4.This makes these bags more and more desired.Ah, but if you do ignore texts while driving, you wouldn’t want your friends to think you are being rude, would you.Chargers knew what they had as a swift, passrushing specialist when they drafted Grossman out of Pitt as the eighth pick overall in 1989.
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Had my parents poopooed my indiscretions or taken care of my messes for me I most likely would have continued to make the same mistakes: , Kenneth Cole Reaction “Interconnect” Large Satchel Handbag54.How to identify an authentic Gucci wallet

It is so decent and honorable that you are taking a brown Gucci wallet to go on errands, shop or have an appointment with your friends.She is a global spokesperson for the Pampers/UNICEF partnership 1 Pack = 1 Vaccine to help raise awareness of the program.
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This exhibition draws on millinery collections worldwide and is truly an eclectic and exciting anthology of hats from the last millennium to the present day

Mr Chalke agreed while the researchers had found a correlation it did not prove causation.A convenient(.If it didn come like that I would say it fake.

Wilson Payamps is the shop’s newest and youngest employee.While he was attending Oxford, he lost his balance and fell down a flight of stairs.5 million new shares in exchange for the 152.When learning to walk it is

useful for a newbie toddler to have something to hold onto to steady themselves with initially and then something that will move with them as they take their first steps.Our powerful webb.He seemed aware of this

problem and agreed to fit a non Peugeot ecu if we bought one (for about half.Crew or Ann Taylor.He also covers men’s and women’s basketball and many other Stanford sports.
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So, I guess I just think she is a spoiled bratWayne was merely reflecting the current freespirited ethos where styles bleed into each other and a man exerts his influence through individualism.I think that for so many Australian women, it’s just a way of life.locality has always been aristocratic.

And if you think I’m your typical no frills “conservative,” I am not.Everyone feels very lucky to be a part of Bunky’s events; he always hosts the most wonderful and interesting luncheons featuring speakers you can’t wait to hear (in the past, he has had Dina Merrill, Lynn Wyatt and Tippi Hedren).It will open a similar store in Paris in 2009.Which is a good price for exotic leather.After you have found out who you truly are.Nab these neutral necessities for spring

Fresh nude apparel and accessories have the ability to convert from casually chic to effortlessly elegant without an abundance of exertion and less labor with flawless results is constantly favorable for the frenzied fashionista.
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She’s also a foodie who would love to own her own restaurant

“The promotional video has failed to produce the desired effect and we urge the ministry to further probe into the problem,” the office said in an annual audit report.All content of the Dow Jones IndexesSM 2013 is proprietary to Dow Jones Company, Inc.

Don’t overdo the makeup; the last thing you want is to look trashy.Don’t eat while walking.

In all, detectives confiscated more than $1 million in counterfeit products enough to fill 55 30gallon garbage bags, according to Det.

Aman Resorts has 25 assets across Thailand, Bhutan, Cambodia, China, France, Indonesia, Laos, Montenegro, Morocco, the Philippines, Sri Lanka, the Turks and Caicos Islands and the US.They also wanted, like all through recorded history to insure that the God they wrote about was on thier side and not the side of their enemies.

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There is no way to buy authentic goods of these brands anywhere except at their stores or on their official websites, periodI got my airbrush tan that evening, and thoroughly enjoyed the glow I had for the next several days.

Just as advancements in technology have served to make the life of the “iGeneration” easier and lighter, hopefully it won’t be long before our everyday wardrobes become fully integrated.
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Grey is supremely chic and rareIt is one of the most thought provoking books I have read.”At the end of the day we’ve got nothing to hide, the competition was run properly and run fairly.Hell, they could barely stand without exposing themselves.

In addition to great shopping and dining, The Gardens Mall periodically holds ‘one of a kind’ events such as ‘Back to School’ fashion shows, Fashion’s Night Out events, Breakfast with Santa or The Easter Bunny, charitable luncheons, fashion exhibits and even events leading up to the ‘Race For The Cure’ taking place annually in January.
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The shoulder bag was featured in red and blackTry the pheasant legs in sauce with purple cabbage and potato dumplings at this ancient beer hall, and follow up with a round or two of beer.

Lane Crawford ifc mall, Podium 3, IFC mall, 8 Finance Street, Central, +852 2118 3388 and Lane Crawford Canton Road, 3 Canton Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, +852 2118 3428

Yearlong membership to Bliss spa

Before those lovely countenances start to sag from all the yearend partying, send your nearest and dearest to the Bliss spa.Each bar is unique and may vary in size, cut and color.The Motley Fool owns shares of Coach.Banana Republic’s Anna Karenina

And styled by twiceAcademy Awardnominated Anna Karenina costume designer, Jacqueline Durran, the line features pieces for men and women, including polished, feminine looks for her and tailored styles for him.
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And it’s very costly

Hosted by Best Beauty Essentials, the Director of Operations Erin Utter said, “Many people think that the best salons are in New York and California.

my favorite photo of the day.

As New Zealand froze in subzero conditions, Kiri posted pictures of herself online getting a suntan on the sands of some of Europe’s most exclusive beaches in a sweltering 32 degrees.

SightseeingAtlanta has a lot of history and culture, and if you are looking to sightsee in Atlanta, you can easily fill your Mother’s Day with sightseeing.
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He had responded to an ad in the paper and the seller, an elderly resident of Lakeside, also had a Rambler in the carportAffordable Designer Clothes

PRLog (Press Release) Jun.The Lamborghini’s brand new supercar, Aventador, due out in November, was on display as the muchanticipated successor to the Murcielago with a 6.Because my songs are not getting old.The Chinese are shopping a lot more.Gucci handbags is one such brand which has won over the heart.just total number of fans.95 and can cancel at any time.A rail selection Louis Vuitton Handbags is also obtainable inside the airport terminal.Super Symphony supporters gathered in the Wattis Room, where they traveled through the Tunnel of Time, a hallway homage to the Symphony’s storied history, leading into Zellerbach Rehearsal Hall.Chu pleaded guilty to federal charges and was sentenced to 10 months in prison, with credit for time served.
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Such star sapphires are usually obtained from Sri Lanka

The cast also includes Sir Anthony Hopkins, Maria Flor and Karl Markovic.louis vuitton bag charms magic nightmare in the than ginger Wind imagine to be patient and more.Designer Replicas Watches are made of best quality materials that are used in making of most designer watches.Restored vintage trunks with detailed studs and metal hardware are a great addition to a living room as they can be used as centre or side tables.

Seoul may be the gateway to Asia, but most international passengers touching down at Incheon airport simply proceed to the next outbound gate.

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Paul Wesley may feast on woodland creatures as reformed vampire Stefan Salvatore on “The Vampire Diaries,” but off-screen, he’s much more concerned about animal welfare than his vamp counterpart. Welsey and his “TVD” co-star (and off-screen wife) Torrey DeVitto have been confirmed as the hosts of The Humane Society of the United States’ H-Couture 2012.

The swanky fashion show, which will be held at a private estate in Brentwood, CA on Saturday Sept. 22, will feature high fashion for men and women, designed specifically not to be harmful to animals. “Conscious couture,” if you will.

“We are excited to be hosting the first ever H-Couture event on behalf of The Humane Society of the United States because we both support events that promote compassion for animals,” Paul says.

“Fashion should be fun, and I don’t see how wearing animal fur can be anything other than cruel and unnecessary,” agrees Torrey. “This event will show that anyone can be fashion-conscious without animals having to pay the price.”

In addition to hosting the show, Paul and Torrey are launching the No Fur Pin campaign, to invite fellow celebs to make a pledge not to wear fur.

“We’re delighted that Paul and Torrey are on board for our first major fashion event. Designers and their celebrity clients are key to setting new trends that can affect societal values, and supporting fur-free fashion can help prevent the suffering and save the lives of millions of both wild caught and captive-bred animals,” says Beverly Kaskey, senior director of The HSUS’s Hollywood Outreach program.

Proceeds from H-Couture 2012 will go toward encouraging awareness, exposing major retailers that carry fur but falsely claim that it’s faux, and educating design students on alternatives to fur.

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Right at the start of “The Vampire Diaries” season 4, new scoop reveals that Elena (Nina Dobrev) and Stefan (Paul Wesley) are going to have big problems with their relationship.

During her transition as a vampire on episode one of the new season, Elena is going to be doing some things that will put a strain in her relationship with Stefan, executive producer, Julie Plec, told Zap2It on Monday.

Elena is going to have to feed on human blood and won’t be on the infamous “Bunny Diet” just yet, so this will definitely cause some problems for Stefan and his Ripper tendencies.

“He’s not going to have an easy time with it… This is a guy who can’t really get too close to human blood for too long without losing his mind,” Julie said, “so it’s like he’s a guy who just got sober, and his girlfriend just turned 21 and wants to party. There are going to be some complications in their relationship as far as that.”

Plus, Paul also told Zap2It during Comic-Con that Stefan could even start to lose some of his attraction to Elena. “Maybe he won’t be attracted to her as much, because it’ll remind him of himself… Men like the opposites.” Paul said.

Paul continued saying that Stefan “hates himself because he’s a vampire, right? So, I don’t know; maybe he’s going to project.”

Meanwhile, certain memories Elena is going to have about Damon (Ian Somerhalder) will subtly bring in a new view of him for her. Slowly, she will begin to realize that Damon is not as bad as she has thought him to be for so long.

“If you look at the marathon of the Damon/Elena friendship and relationship,” Julie explained, “so much of their conflict is predicated on the fact that she still believes that he’s more selfish than he actually is, and more hateful than he actually is, and more self-destructive than he actually is.”

So, these crucial memories Elena will now remember, are going to “get added to her lexicon of Damon knowledge, and given how close they are, at this point it’s important that she knows everything about him,” Julie added.

So, it looks like we may see a gradual shift of Elena relationship with Stefan as it grows more apart, while she and Damon will become closer, developing a stronger connection.

Could this mean this will be a Delena season? Can’t wait to find out!


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The Vampire Diaries star Paul Wesley has predicted trouble for Stefan and Elena.

Elena (Nina Dobrev) chose to be with Stefan (Wesley) in the CW drama’s third season finale, but the actor speculated that the couple could clash following Elena’s transformation into a vampire.

“Maybe he won’t be attracted to her as much, because it’ll remind him of himself,” Wesley told Zap2it. “Men like the opposites. He hates himself because he’s a vampire, right? So, I don’t know… maybe he’s going to project.”

Exec producer Julie Plec agreed that Stefan is “not going to have an easy time” with Elena’s vampire traits and thirst for blood.

“This is a guy who can’t really get too close to human blood for too long without losing his mind,” she explained. “So it’s like he’s a guy who just got sober, and his girlfriend just turned 21 and wants to party. There are going to be some complications in their relationship.”

Plec recently hinted that Elena will enjoy “hot vampire sex” with a character on The Vampire Diaries, but refused to reveal the identity of her male partner.

The fourth season of The Vampire Diaries debuts on The CW on October 11.


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Supernatural, The Vampire Diaries, The Big Bang Theory & Fringe are on 4 special flip covers.  Check out the link below for the press release & to see the covers for the other shows.


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